Why You Can Be Straight and Enjoy Anal Sex


We grow up (men) thinking that having any interest in anything, even your own finger linger on
your ass, means you are gay. Men who are straight do not want to run the slightest risk of thinking they
might be gay. Anal for straight men has always been a taboo. These insecurities, mostly rooted in
internalized homophobia, have kept straight guys from getting in on butt play. Every straight man
should explore himself and overcome that homophobic stigma. The only thing that’s gay is being gay.
Don’t let fears of being perceived as gay keep you from trying your hand at it.
I have enjoyed anal penetration I’m 30. I first showed my dildo fetish to a girlfriend who loved it.
I loved it. My girlfriend thought it was the hottest thing in the world. I don’t care if anyone thinks I’m
gay. It matters absolutely nothing to me. If you’re straight and have a girlfriend or wife and have an
interest in feeling something in your butt, you should really tell them so they can have fun with the
experience with you. There are a good number of women who like topping guys.
Any guy who has ever tried some anal play sexually knows that it doesn’t always come naturally.
Anal, for men, is as close to a clitoral orgasm as we’ll ever get. Located inside the anus, the prostrate is
essentially a male G-spot. When hit properly, whether it be with a finger or whatever else you’re using,
it can send you over the edge and make you orgasm harder than you ever have before.
Your sexual identity is defined by the gender of people you’re attracted to, not by the parts of
your body that you play with. Get Your Partner Involved. If you feel nervous asking your lady to put her
finger in your butt, send her this article and say something like, “I’d never thought of doing this before,
but this article makes it seem like something worth trying. Are you game?” If she makes any mocking or
derogatory comments, she’s not a keeper.
So stop being afraid and give it a try, you both might like it more than you think.

I’m Negan With the Crop… (Breaking A Beta BM)


The most fun thing in the world to me is dispelling the notion that since I’m such a sweetheart, I won’t fuck you up… What makes it even more fun is when I get to break a disrespectful ass black beta who threatened to top me.

This whore also threatened to refuse my orders claiming that helping me put my boots on was a hard limit. I’m still not sure if they were serious or if it was simply to incite my rage but either way… bad choice! We had to shut that shit down.

I actually broke my new crop on his ass, but my trusty crop Jotaro would never fail. Not only did I punish his ass by beating it until it was puffy and red, I  slapped the shit out of his pathetic face and pushed his punk ass to the ground like little bitch that he is LOL!

Originally, I was only gonna bring a 5.5″ because he told me he was a virgin but considering he threatened to top me… he had to pay. I made him take my 8.5″ cock.








After I grew tired of alternating between watching his mediocre attempts to suck it and shoving it down his throat, I figured it was time to initiate that asshole.


The final step in making him my bitch and the beginning steps of making him the bitch I need him to be. He took it well. He took all but about 2″. I mind fucked him after I took his manhood but that’s another story. This is about the breaking of a black beta male.


Anyone who pays attention would realize that black men don’t respect black women as they should. If they aren’t using black women as a piece of ass and an incubator for their bastard children, they’re putting them down for anything bright, light, or white. But when they come across a real black woman who can’t be used and is unbothered by their obsession with proximity to whiteness, they become drawn in and compelled to show you their true form. When beta black males aren’t obsessing over white girls, they’re craving white cock (if not doing both simultaneously). They love when a real back woman knows their secrets… it makes them feel like less of a sellout if she facilitates the bullshit. I’ll give more Intel on these traitorous ass black betas at a later date. For now I’l be focusing on feminizing this bitch…

To be continued…